terça-feira, 27 de abril de 2010

you're not your money, your clothings. you're not your cars, and where you study. you're not your rings and your necklaces. you're not the musics you hear and even not the movies and novels you watch. you are only what you love, forget your problems, forgive who are around you. you are only what you advantage, jump, smile. you are what you believe and what you fight for. the true is: I don't matter about what you are outside, but I matter so much what you are inside. inside your heart and your mind. I matter what you read and think about the world, and what you do for the people who live together, live better and with peace. I matter if you fight for your love, for your friends, family, and mainly, for your God. believe in love and peace that are around you and make this come true.

(Isabella Fernandes)

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